Confidence Buy Back

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When purchasing currency at Confidence Câmbio, you can guarantee the resale of it with the same exchange rate that you paid when you bought it. You know that cash in foreign currency that you didn’t use in your trip? If you acquired Confidence BuyBack, you can come back to one of our stores or call the trading desk and sell your money for the same exchange rate you paid when you bought it.


  • ● It can only be acquired when buying cash currency;
  • ● Buyback is up to 20% of the the total value in reais paid in the purchase of the cash currency, as long as the percentage doesn’t go over R$ 2.000,00;
  • ● You have to use the Buy Back in up to 60 days after the purchase of the currency;
  • ● It can’t be acquired separately;
  • ● To guarantee the same exchange rate, you only have to acquire the Buy Back service¹ at the moment of purchase of cash currency. The rate value will be kept for buyback for up to 2 months after the purchase of the cash currency.
¹This service can be acquired at the Confidence Stores or the trading desk. The Confidence BuyBack Service costs R$19,99 for each exchange operation.

Enjoy this additional Confidence benefit and guarantee even more savings for your trip!